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Panera Warmth Stories

 I had a wonderful visit to this Panera (Manchester, CT).  Despite there being quite a line, I was to the front in very little time, and was surprised when my order was ready so quickly (I think around 60 seconds).  The food was fresh and delicious.  This was such a better option than my usual rest-stop along the highway, and it is so convenient.  The staff also seemed to be genuinely happy and it looked like a great work environment.  As I travel this route often, I look forward to stopping in as a regular part of my commute.  I have had good experiences at other Paneras also, but this one stood out.




Mike, your associate trainer, was absolutely amazing yesterday when my friend and I went for lunch!!  I am handicapped with the use of  a service dog and Mike couldn't do enough to help us.  He was patient, friendly, warm, understanding, accomodating, and extremely welcoming.  What a wonderful asset to your company!! Also, a young man from behind the food prep counter was very helpful as well (I think his name might have been Tim???). When he saw me trying to get my food and drinks, he immediately came to assistance! Thank you Mike, Tim?, and Panera!




I just want to comment on the what great customer service I received from one of your managers this evening (5/26/11).  Her name is Diane (I asked her for her name to identify her, telling her how impressed I was with her ability to make a customer satisfied with Panera).  The store ran out of a product, she was very apologetic and made it up to me in the form of providing a substitute sandwich at no cost.  I felt she went out of her way to make sure I would return to Panera and be rest assured I will with employees like her working for you.




I'd like to mention good service I continue to receive.  From time to time our school puts in an order for our monthly breakfast at our school.  Deborah in Plainville, MA cafe has always been very accomodating.  The teachers love the way the breakfast/bagels are cut and boxed up.  Thanks to Deborah and all the workers for their dedication and service.  I am sure we will continue to order from there next year.  Thank you.




I must compliment one of your employees, his name is Tom Cane.  Let me first start out by saying that he is most definitely an asset to your company!!! He is an excellent example of what the staff employees should follow! He exhibits, especially with the older customers, patience and the best customer service that I have ever seen!! I work in a large establishment where customer service is of great importance.  Take the time to acknowledge him for the excellent service he provides every day for the Panera Bread customers!




Tammy Belanger, cafe manager, is an exceptional staff/team member and representative of panera. I had lost my 'my panera' card and received a replacement card in MD, which did not register. Tammy went above-and-beyond during breaks in her duties  to find a way to correct that. her never-say-never attitude and determination were more than i expected. thank you Tammy!



We received a call for a manager today during lunch. When I answered the phone he introduced himself as the Australian guy and did I know who he was. I do know him, he is a new regular customer, who is from Australia and has been coming in every morning recently and getting a cup of coffee. He just signed up for a My Panera card. He told me that he is very sad because he just found out that he has to move back to Australia, and will be leaving this week. He said that he wanted me to know that Panera Bread is his favorite place here because our associates are so friendly and kind. He said that when he goes to other places, they are rude to him or impatient. (His accent is thick, and sometimes it is hard to understand him.) He told me that we have a great associate here who is always patient and chats with him. Her name is Sarah Morin. He told me that he didn't understand the card, and that she explained it to him and told him how easy it would be for him to register it on the computer. He told me that he is so sad to be going back to Australia because he won't be able to come into Panera, get his cup of coffee, and chat with our friendly associate, Sarah.


 I frequent this cafe at least four times a week. I love it!


I was in line and their was an elderly couple in front of me, Sonia took their order and the elderly lady said to her "I am so tired I can not walk". I heard when Sonia said to her "do not worry I will help you to your table and bring you your order", the elderly lady also ordered coffee and Sonia walked her to the table to her husband, got her the coffee, got her meals and asked them if they needed anything else.


I was very impressed whem I witnessed this amazing kindness, I even sat near the elderly couple after I placed my order. Then Sonia came around again and checked up on them. She cleared their table and got them a bag and a container for their leftovers. After they were done she helped them to the door.


WOW! What great service and what a great manager.


-Panera Guest


 To whom it may concern

My wife and I along with my daughter and soninlaw hadn't been to your place of business at Foxwoods for a number of weeks.  For one reason or other we didn't end up at Foxwoods, and when we did go there, we made it a point to have some coffee and maybe some cinamin bread, or a bagel, or a sandwich with soup,(one of my personal favorites) along  with a cup of hazel nut coffee.  Well to make a long story longer, we did go to Foxwoods today.  Without even thinking about it we all headed to Panera's for coffee.  WHAT A MARVELOUS FEELING..  I had forgotten just how delicious a treat it is.  l looked at that cup with almost a feeling of love for it.  I didn't need anything else -- Just that hot cup of hazel nut .  Pure magic.  And to make things better, the young lady that waited on us was so gracious, asking us how we were doing, and how did we like the ch;ange in the weather, and being just so nice.  And when I went to the side where the coffee is, there was a young man there checking on the supplies there were there.  He was replacing some of the sugar.  He saw me coming, and he just moved out of the way to let me fill m cup.  I told him I was in no hurry, but he just smiled and said to please fill my cup and not to hurry.  

Everybody at Panera's goes out of their way, goes the extra mile for the people that go there for a bite or even for just a coffee and relax for ten minutes.

Thank you for the good coffee, the good service, and the nice look of the place, so homey and comfortable.  

For sure we will not stay away for so long again.